Exterior Cleaning

A customers first impression of your facility is made the moment they pull into a parking spot and approach your entry way doors. 

Overflowing trash cans, litter, graffiti, stains, bird waste and dirty windows are all examples of how to lose a customer before they ever step inside.

At Bayside we utilize eco-friendly products and procedures to enhance your exteriors appearance while reducing costs. Routine maintenance plans help restore your building assets before costly repairs and replacement is needed.

From daily trash removal and parking lot cleanup to annual window cleaning Bayside can design an exterior program specifically for your facilities foot traffic, circumstances and budget.

Window Cleaning


We utilize IPC Eagles Cleano Pure Water Cleaning System to reach interior glass up to 55 feet in height.

Chemicals are eliminated as only purified water is used to clean all glass to a spot and streak free shine.

Hard to reach areas and are easily tackled with the flexible swivel system enabling us to reach points that are normally difficult to clean.

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We utilize Unger's HydroPower Pure Water Cleaning System to reach exterior glass up to 65 feet in height.

The use of pure water eliminates chemicals creating a 100% eco-friendly option.

Safety concerns are greatly reduced as we eliminate ladders and boom lifts resulting in increased flexibility as well as a reduction in overall job costs.

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Pressure Washing
Parking Lot Maintenance
Solar Panel Cleaning

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