Innovative Cleaning

The Future of Cleaning Is Here

At Bayside we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest technology & science in offering the best service in the cleaning industry. 

We pride ourselves on the ability tap into data and performance tracking to ensure our quality of service is where it should be. Here’s how we’re tackling the dirty work & keeping track of the progress. 

Bayside has increased its frequency of quality control inspections with a goal of being more proactive with our services. Our team will be utilizing cleanintelligent software to visually inspect facilities to ensure completion of our scope of work. Inspection reports will be emailed to all team members and customers including a game plan outlining our approach to resolve any deficiencies. Follow up inspections are performed to verify compliance. 
In addition to a visual inspection, Bayside now utilizes ATP meters to scientifically test high touch point surfaces for contamination. This innovative method will allow us to pinpoint areas of the facility that may need additional support in our fight to help control the spread of germs. Now we will know with 100% certainty that a surface is clean.

Bayside is proud to offer technologically advanced services to better serve our customers. 

Electrostatic sprayers are just one of the tools we’ve adopted in our routne cleanings. Electrostatic spray surface cleaning is the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spray uses a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. Because the particles in the spray are positively charged, they cling to and coat any surface they’re aimed at.

 Robotic Floor Scrubbers.  At Bayside we utilize robotics to help compliment our cleaning team, increasing productivity, reducing costs, yet improving the overall cleanliness and health of a building.

Employing robotic cleaning machines enables our team to work faster and more efficiently, allowing us to upgrade our level of service for your facility.

Robotic cleaning also helps to reduce your environmental impact and create a cleaner, healthier workplace. 

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